I collect and develop research and resources on contemporary leading and learning at a time when knowledge and its production are increasingly important. Positioning learners as knowledge creators is my thing. This is my virtual notebook. You’re welcome to poke around.

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John Holt from ‘How Children Learn’ 1967

The child is curious. He wants to make sense out of things, find out how things work, gain competence and control over himself and his environment, and do what he can see other people doing. He is open, perceptive, and experimental. He does not merely observe the world around him,…

from the Australian Curriculum

Students use ICT to share ideas and information to collaboratively construct knowledge and digital solutions. They develop an understanding of the context when communicating using ICT, including a sense of the audience, the form of communication, the techniques used and the characteristics of the users and the technologies. Taken from…

John Hattie on Knowledge Production

Once again, the grammar of schooling privileges ‘knowing much’ rather than encouraging faster, more efficient and socially wired connections. It will only be when we move from using technology as a newer form of knowledge consumption to seeing technology as an aid to teaching for enhanced knowledge production that there…

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